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TF Rescue Bots : Love and Happiness

Series Crossover : Rescue Bots/Transformers Prime

Pairing: Heatwave x Chase

Genre: AU, Slash, Fluff, Crossover?

Author: rumblebee25

A/N: A little bit of fluff with Chase x Heatwave that turned into my happy ending for Season Two of Transformers Prime.  I dun care about cannon or how it ended last season, I like my dreck better. >_>


The Rescue Bots were far away from the final offensive that saved both their world and the Earth. Unknown to them, there were many dark days before the Omega Lock was restored. They were all spared when a member of Team Prime almost gave his life to take out the Decepticon leader.

The young warrior was equipped with a phase shifter and carried a lethal weapon known as a spark extractor. Smokescreen laid in wait and planted the weapon directly onto Megatron's body. In desperation, he boosted the phase shifter and fell through Cybertron's surface,all  to escape the spark extractor's range. It drained the
life force from Megatron and almost took Smokescreen too. But he managed to make it out alive and his actions handed the Autobots a resounding victory.

Optimus Prime recounted the tale to the Rescue Bots once he returned from Cybertron. He gave the team a first hand tour of the final battle field and they marveled at the Omega Lock in all its glory. They returned to Griffin Rock with more hope for the future than ever.

Soon many changes were in the works. Some Decepticons even sided with the Autobots, likely to save their own skid plates but Prime was willing to accept their help. Cybertron would be forged anew.

For now the Rescue Bots were kept safe and hidden in Griffin Rock. Since they the only surviving rescue team, Optimus Prime chose to keep them on reserve. They were the templates that would bring forth new generations of Rescue Bots and while an honor, they did not expect that this was how they would contribute to their planet's

"We don't do anything but they make new bots from our designs," Blades said one night, "I guess I can do that."

"At least we don't have to make protoforms," Heatwave said, "Can you imagine if we had to produce new bots like humans?"

"Aw, but you were great with the Robo Baby," Boulder said.

"He would an excellent father," Chase said. Heatwave did not disagree with him, he merely snorted.

"Ooh! I bet he be a great mother too," Blades said, "But where would he carry the baby while he's was on duty?"


Their human family thought creating new Rescue Bots meant something entirely different.

"So you guys are supposed to make babies or what?" Kade asked, flummoxed at the notion. Grant immediately grabbed his tablet, ready to take notes while Dani grabbed her brother's  hand.

"Please, this is a personal matter ," she said, "Which means we can't go snooping into their personal lives." Then she mouthed the words' Tell me later' to Blades. He gave her the thumbs up.

"Why not?" Kade said,"So who's the lucky girl bots?"

"Actually we know of only one and she's not part of the process," Boulder said helpfully. That really didn't clear things up for the humans.

"But you are all boys. How can you can little bots? Who are you supposed to marry?" Cody asked.

"Marry? But I'm too young to marry," Blades said, steepling his fingers in worry.

"Kade, Cody, this is not our business. It is a private matter among the Bots," Chief Burns, seeing Heatwave turning red.

It wasn't from just from embarrassment though, it was something else. The fire truck alt really didn't want to talk about this in front of Chase. What he said the wrong thing and his team mate was offended? That could a relationship before it had a chance to start. Chase was way ahead of him.

"Ah...There seems to be confusion about the new bots. Among humans, new life means of reproduction and that sometimes entails a marriage. A legal or informal union of two people, a social contract between two adults binding them as spouses," Chase said, "We have those too. We call that a spark bond, though it is not necessary to create new bots."

Both Heatwave and the Burns family perked up, so Chase continued.

"From my observations, two adult humans of the same sex are not allowed to legally join in this contract. That troubles me. I uphold the law, yet to deny one a bond to one's chosen mate is very unfair. And since we do not have gender as humans would see it, that means a same 'gender' union is not an issue to us. We bond with whom we love."

"So two 'male' bots can marry?" Dani asked, "Er, I mean spark bond, correct?"

"Yes," Chase replied. Heatwave waited, not sure how his human family would react. The matter of same sex unions was a contentious matter to some humans. Kade pleasantly surprised him.

"Now I get it," the blonde said with excitement, "Duh, its seems so obvious now. No wonder he didn't understand when me and Haley started dating. He was thinking of that spark bondy thingy. The Bots probably do different things on their dates."

"It's not that different actually," Heatwave said, crossing his arms," Just with less touchy squishy stuff going on."

"Hey bud, that the best part about it," Kade said, smirking.

"Okay that enough for today," Dani said putting her hand over Cody's ears.


Later though, once they had Cody out of the way, Grant HAD to know how new bots would be made from the Rescue Bots team.

"Our designs will be copied and our coding will be replicated," Chase said, "Blank protoform material would be given our coding and that determines their new alt mode."

"I thought bots scan their alt mode," Grant said.

"Our skills are inherent to our designs," Heatwave replied,"Blades was a hauler and his mass was converted to his rotors and helicopter blades. He was made for picking things up and taking them a long distance."

"I had a hook and crane. Oh they were great! Now THAT I can do with no problem," the copter bot chirped and he reached behind to his rotors," But this's trickier."

"See, I couldn't take on an alt mode like his," Boulder said with a little smile, "Construction is my function."

"Likewise since I am not as specialized as my team mates," Chase said, "My alt mode will likely be passed over since I am more generic."

"You're hardly generic," Heatwave snorted. He gave the cop car a quick look over and said ,"They could copy your alt mode but there's only one Chase."

"Aw that's so sweet," Dani said, cocking her head. Then Kade ruined the moment by making kissy faces at his partner. Heatwave simply grumbled and stomped off. He HAD to, before they figured out the rest of his one sided crush for Chase.


In those first few days of victory, it was a blur of giddiness and constant news updates. Anything seemed possible and after thinking 'What the heck',  Heatwave asked Chase on a date. He liked the cop car for some time, he just never thought there would a chance to act on it.  

Though he'd never dreamed his team mate would accept or he would have a date planned out. First a picnic and then a drive-in movie, a simple enough task. Though it took some convincing on their part. All because Kade saw no reason to take a fire truck to the movies.

"Have you even thought about me?" Kade asked, patting his chest and looking put out, "What am I supposed to do? Sit there while you make it to first base? Yuck, dude. TMI you know? I mean, I don't take YOU on MY dates."

"We're not taking you with us, Idiot," Heatwave said, rolling his optics.

"First...Base?" Chase asked,"Hm, I doubt we will engage in baseball or any other team sports since there are only two us. Though Heatwave does like physical activity. Maybe we could play catch."

"Dinner and movie, that's good enough for me," the fire truck said.

"But it would be a learning experience. You could pitch and I could catch," Chase said thoughtfully, "Or maybe I could be the pitcher and you could be the catcher. Oh! We'll need proper equipment and some form of protection."

Kade started to snicker and Heatwave's face heated up, knowing EXACTLY what the pest was laughing about. Chief Burns hushed his son and was far more understanding about the matter.

"Just keep your radios tuned in for emergencies," he said and the pair left for the hill overlooking the drive-in.

Naturally their date was ruined, thanks to a freak ice storm from one of Doc Greene's experiment. Once the situation was under control the pair returned to base, freezing their afts off.  Sure their date was cut short but Heatwave called it a success. Anything that got Chase to huddle with him for warmth could hardly be qualified as a disaster.  


A few weeks passed and Heatwave was busy with a second round of shining his equipment. The base had to be in top shape for their new visitor. For once Chase said Heatwave was overdoing things and actually took time out from cleaning. A little excitement was called for though, since they were going to meet the hero who saved Cybertron.

Chase was writing in his private journal, a habit he started after the reclamation of Cybertron. Nearby Heatwave, cleaned the bunker while they waited for the VIP to arrive. They'd sent the two younger members of their team on a mission to find a welcome banner. Actually it was to get rid of Blades and his constant 'eeeee!' over Smokescreen's visit.

Lately Heatwave encouraged his mate to start a private journal, mainly because everything that happened on the base simply did NOT belong in the ship's log. Like how many times they kissed for instance.

So far that totaled ninety-seven times on the lip, thirty-one times on the cheek, twenty-one times on the forehead, along with fourteen 'manly' hugs and twenty-six cuddling sessions. Several of those events lead to thirty-nine bouts of spark merging.  Heatwave once remarked that his mate would probably keep track who topped during an interface and Chase was utterly delighted at the prospect of new stats to jot down.

Not that they had interfaced YET. They were saving that for when they returned home. Chase wasn't ready for a physical relationship, not until they had an official bonding ceremony on Cybertron. Which would be four VERY long weeks from now.

After that they would go back to their jobs on Earth which would probably be rather dull, especially after a bot knew the joys of privacy and interfacing.  They had no way of fooling around on Earth. They couldn't even interface quietly since Blades was in the next room. He would blab about everything.

That left them with spark merging, which Heatwave fully enjoyed with his mate. It could still be completely innocent to human eyes if they happened to be found. Cody just remarked they like to cuddle a lot and Kade complained about them making googly eyes at each other. Chase immediately took Heatwave for a check-up after that. He wasn't happy until it was confirmed that their optics were fine.

Spark merging did leave certain after effects. In the afterglow the two of them were highly synched and their thoughts were temporarily open to one another. Chase had a habit of thinking very loudly and at this moment Heatwave could hear his mate clearly. In fact, the cop car alt was writing about the new VIP.

Soon the team will meet a war hero, nay the savior of Cybertron AND Earth. A selfless, brave mech who went pede to pede with Megatron, without regard for his own life, who bravely-

"Chase, stop thinking out loud," Heatwave said. His mate looked up from the data pad.

"Oh sorry, I did not realize I was doing that," the cop car alt said, still beaming and slightly flushed from their go round. Heatwave smirked, liking this look and his mate said, "I was energized and then inspiration struck. Our visitor is very important and I must capture this event for posterity."

"It's in the official records, it's been noted," the fire truck said and he put away the last trunk.

"But this is our first meeting with him. We should mark this occasion," Chase said brightly.

"Yes, I know," Heatwave sighed, "I was there when we got the message from Optimus Prime. And I found your notes on my windshield this morning."

"Optimus asked you personally to chaperone Smokescreen," Chase said. He scooted closer and smiled, "It is a great honor since hero or not, Smokescreen does not have the same viewpoint on humans that we do. I can think of no other bot than you to entrust with this task."

"But he was  actually out there. Team Prime fought for the Omega Keys and kept them out of Decepticon hands." Heatwave took a deep breath then sat down next to his mate and said," There are times I dream that it went horribly wrong, that we lost everything. Chase... What if they needed us? Prime didn't even call us for help."

The Rescue Bot leader looked down at his hands. In his spark he knew where his duty lay. But he still wanted to prove himself worthy of being one of Prime's trusted warriors. Chase rested his forehead against Heatwave's helm. The cop car was not one for PDAs while on duty. So this gesture was rather intimate.  

"We do not know how the situation would have played out if we were there," Chase said and he looked up at his mate, "We are not combat vehicles, nor are we meant to be. Disaster or triumph, our function is safety and rescue. If the battle went differently then someone would need to help the humans. There is no one on the planet who knows that better than you. The team is lucky to have you as our leader."

Heatwave smiled at his mate and his spark warmed at the rising hum of Chase's energy fields. He leaned close to steal a kiss and Chase closed his optics, melting into the embrace.

When they merged, Chase made little murmurs and sighs. Soft sounds and touched that were worlds away from his staid and conservative nature. His feelings were still open to Heatwave and his mate caught it all. While excited by their new visitor, Chase was equally thrilled that Prime had picked his mate for the honor of being Smokescreen's guide. Not like there were a lot of options really, but Heatwave took the complement anyway.

"Humans weren't top on my list though," Heatwave admitted and he put his arm around Chase's waist, "Cody helped but you did too. Sometimes I'm jealous of how well you and Chief get along,"

"And you are closer to my spark," Chase said and his mate chuckled. The cop car alt was pleased until Heatwave's hand moved lower and grabbed his aft.

"Wave, I'm on duty. My chassis is off limits," Chase scolded softly, using his mate's nickname. It only encouraged Heatwave and he flashed a hungry grin. Before things progressed, Chase stated," As an appointed representative of Griffin Rock law enforcement, I cannot-"

"Sweetcakes, what are you gonna do? Arrest me?"

Chase immediately wrote out a little citation and stuck it to Heatwave's visor, then slipped out of his mate's embrace. The fire truck alt took the note and frowned. Heatwave never even HEARD of a citation for molesting a motor vehicle. Nor did could he imagine that a human tried it in the first place. Naturally Chase found a law against it.  He had only one resort.

"I've got to start hiding his books."
Please read this fic while I crawl off and die of stage fright. Anyway, these two have been on my mind since 'Rules and Regulations',so here tis.

The title is from the song 'Love and Happiness' by Al Green. [link]

Another song that really influenced this fic is One on One by Hall & Oates. [link]

My head cannon is that Heatwave hears tons of make out music whenever Kade calls Haley. I tend to think of Heatwave and Chase as the older teens. They'd be about the same 'age' as Smoke, the seniors to freshmen Boulder and Blades.

Yes, Smokescreen is big ol' Gary Stu so he only gets a mention here. He kills Megatron, saves the world, yada yada, etc. etc. Really thought if he lobbed the spark extractor at Megs instead of the Vehicons, the whole damn mess would be over all ready.

This fic first started out as Smokescreen x Blades, though I don't have the stamina to finish that. The amount of sheer 'OMG! HE's TALKING TO ME!' from Blades and 'Yeah, I'm good' from Smokescreen would be enough to kill anybody. :D
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my cousins are big fans of rescue bots.............. I'll nexer tell them of this though
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I am dieing! The end made me laugh harder than anything XD
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shozurei Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah, I hate cliffhangers too. Mostly when it's going to be months before the next episode.

Heatwave is so cute in a grumpy sort of way. Those guys are not meant for fighting at all.
rumblebee25 Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2012
I so want RB versions of the my favorite Cons having misadventures with the RB team. Not happening but I pretend anyway. ^^
shozurei Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
That would be fun to watch. Or read.
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